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Philippe Desmarais

Co-founder & CEO

Philippe co-founded Kelvin Zero in 2018. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for Kelvin Zero's strategic direction.

Thierry Gagnon

Co-founder & CTO

Thierry is co-founder and CTO of Kelvin Zero and one of the world's foremost experts on secure information sharing networks.

David Puth

Executive Chairman

David brings world class knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, security, and system transformation.

Edmond Monaghan

EVP Partnerships

Edmond Monaghan is the Executive Vice President of Partnerships at Kelvin Zero and is responsible for our sales and growth opportunities.

Marc Guilbert


Marc joined Kelvin Zero in 2019. In his role as Chief Financial Officer, he leads the company's financial strategy and planning.

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