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Kelvin Zero enables your organization to take the first step towards its digital future with a new data model that works with your legacy systems. With SoLID™, you can rethink security and privacy and start delivering new digital services to your clients the right way.

We have also developed a universal digital wallet, MULTIPASS™, and an in-house data investigation platform, SHERLOCK™, that integrate directly with SoLID. To find our more how our technology can help your organization, request a meeting today.


Access distribution platform

SoLID is a revolutionary data distribution platform and our signature solution. Powered by our proprietary multi-signature technology, SoLID allows critical organizations to lock down sensitive data and securely share data access across open, distributed, and decentralized networks. SoLID can be used to validate any type of data, with wide spanning use cases centered around data privacy, security, and auditability.

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Universal digital wallet

MULTI-PASS is a global pass that organizations can issue to their users to process data and identity validations around the world. It uses near-field communication (NFC) technology and is compatible with SoLID so organizations and their users can process data validations with the ease of a tap. To find out more about MULTI-PASS schedule a meeting with us.



Investigation data platform

SHERLOCK is a graph-powered investigative platform that uses live ledger indexing, machine learning, and blockchain intelligence to track, trace, and investigate digital funds in real-time. It provides government, financial, and regulatory organizations with an in-house forensic solution to fight cybercrime. SHERLOCK is also integrated into SoLID to trace data validations and maintain auditability. To find out more about SHERLOCK request a product demo today.

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