Kelvin Zero Tech Empowers Site-Less Trials

Montreal, December 13th, 2021. – A site-less clinical trials project led by the Montreal Heart Institute, in which Kelvin Zero’s ground-breaking technology plays a crucial role, has received a 9.35M$ grant through the « Fonds d’accélération des collaborations en santé » (FACS) program of the Québec government, as announced this morning by Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation (MEI) Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon.

The grant, matched by a large contribution from several private sector partners including Kelvin Zero, is part of a 21.7M$ project that is set to develop a digital platform for site-less clinical trials. Conceptualized and led by the director of the MHI Research Center Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, this innovative project will help accelerate and facilitate research around cardiovascular, inflammatory, cancer, infectious, dementia, and cognitive diseases.

For this project, Kelvin Zero will be responsible for creating a secure privacy preserving platform that will protect patients medical and personal data, track and log digital consent forms and allow traceability of each action through blockchain technology. They will collaborate with Perceiv AI and Omnimed who will oversee AI data analytics and e-medical records & equipment, respectfully.

« We’re particularly excited about our role in this innovative FACS project. By providing key software infrastructure, we are set to showcase the usability, security, and privacy-preserving capabilities of our unique digital identity system. More specifically, site-less trials and stay-at-home healthcare are dependent on embracing digital transformation: attaining confidence in digital identification, authentication and authorization processes while maintaining the highest data security protection of sensitive Personal Identifying Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) », announced Philippe Desmarais, CEO of Kelvin Zero.

« We are delighted to collaborate with the Montreal Heart Institute and the many other partners who are part of this initiative, » continued Mr. Desmarais. « For us at Kelvin Zero, protecting citizens privacy and sensitive data are at the heart of our operations. This site-less clinical trials project will benefit from our innovative solution and ensure the protection of medical and personal records. »

About Kelvin Zero

Canadian based Kelvin Zero has developed an innovative technology that enables highly regulated industries to propel their digital capacities by leveraging an advanced parallel digital ecosystem which delivers enhanced privacy, security, validity, and auditability. By halting data duplication, their technology ensures that citizens’ private information always remains protected.