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The Rise Of Passwordless Authentication

As for any other technology, even authentication systems depend on the environment they are implemented in. In most cases, what was considered to be a standard 20 years ago, is no longer used today. And change happens gradually, then suddenly. Let’s take secure...

Digital ID
4 min read

Delaying digital ID is detrimental to Canadian citizens

The views expressed in the Opinion section of The Western Standard do not necessarily reflect those of the owners and management. Philippe Desmarais for Western Standard Most of the interactions we have today take place in a digital form. We email our co-workers, order groceries online,...

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Cyber Attacks 101

Cyber attacks can take different forms, aiming to obtain sensitive information for malicious purposes. Therefore, understanding the dangers associated with cyber attacks is the first step a company can take to mitigate the risks and threats related to the various cyber-attacks. ...

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This Week in Cyber Security - June 22, 2023

Welcome back to our weekly roundup, the battlefield of cybersecurity news. We're here to cover the front lines of the cybersecurity industry for you! After covering some cyber warfare stuff in last week’s roundup, here is what we have today: Google accuses Microsoft of...