Preserving Privacy In
The Medical Industry

September 2022 – Present

The Business Challenge

Data privacy, security, and collaboration continues to be one of the largest problems in the healthcare space. Just in 2022, an average of 1.94 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records was reported each day in the U.S. according to HIPAA.

0 %

of all identity theft come from stolen healthcare records.

2023 HIPAA Healthcare Data Breach Statistics

0 %

of healthcare data breaches come from unauthorized access or disclosure of PHI.

2023 HIPAA Healthcare Data Breach Statistics

The Solution: Creating Secure & Connected Healthcare

With such a major impact on global security, we decided to tackle data security and privacy issues in the healthcare industry head on. That is why Kelvin Zero is leading Secur-e-Health a €20 million international eureka project, with 34 partners across 8 different countries dedicated to solving data issues in the medical industry.

Creating data paradigm shift

Collectively we are working together to enable critical health organizations to conduct privacy preserving research and data manipulation.

Project Highlights

We are combining Solid with partner technology to deploy a secure, key managed data validation and computation platform that will connect large medical research networks.

Kelvin Zero is combing it’s authentication platform, Multi-Pass, with partner access control systems to create secure digital identification and authentication for remote clinical trials.

We are testing new ways of gathering data insights without moving any information or putting data at risk.

Put Multi-Pass in the hands of your remote
workforce and take the first step towards
building your zero-trust architecture.

Start your journey to zero-trust security​


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