Consent Management

Privacy matters, and streamlined consent is the key to a better user experience and trust-building environment.

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The Business Challenge

Consent Managed Privacy on the rise.

New data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, are driving companies to prioritize consent management and provide clients with better control over their privacy.


Ensure Customer Privacy with SoLIDTM Consent

Start enabling consent for your customers with our patented key management platform, SoLIDTM.
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Build Trust

Put consent in your customer's hands.

Multi-Pass works on SoLID™ so your customers can manage and validate their consent in real time.

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Consent Management Made Easy

Deploy a secure platform that links data requests to multi-signature consent validations that can be independently managed or co-managed with your customers with complete revocation and
compliance features.

Track multi-party consent authorizations and revocations.


Trace consent and data requests across authorized applications.


Automate compliance on all data requests.


Revoke consent and data access across your organization and third-party services.

Kzero Access
Kzero Trust and Security

case study

Making waves in the medical sector.

We are working with local hospitals and international partners to push privacy preserving healthcare forward.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with Kelvin Zero. They've created a true paradigm shift in security and privacy allowing us to accelearte vitel research and revolutionize sitelss clinical trials."
Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif
Director, Montreal Heart Institute Research Center
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Case Study

Pushing open
banking forward.

We’re partnering with trusted banks in the financial sector to implement consent-driven privacy.

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Put Multi-Pass in the hands of your customers
and workforce and take the first step
towards building your zero-trust architecture.

Start your journey to
zero-trust security​


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