Replace passwords and deliver easy and secure access to your customers.

Passwords are complex, difficult to use, and the single weakest point of attack for enterprises.

0 %
of people are frustrated
with passwords.

2019 Google Survey

+ 0 %
of people would prefer an alternative to passwords.
Ponemon Institute
Kzero Multi Pass


Enterprise passwordless
logins, with one tap.

We created a global access card that makes it easy for your customers to login to your most secure systems.


Replace passwords
with Multi-Pass

Authenticate customers in seconds with secure
biometric-powered, NFC logins.

Benefits of Multi-Pass for customers

Omni-Channel Opportunities
Offer your clients a seamless user experience and enable multi-service logins across all your channels with one card.
Improve User Experience
One tap authentications eliminate the frustration of managing countless passwords. Multi-Pass provides a seamless user experience for your customers.
Eliminate Vulnerabilities
Eliminate the risk of password-related attacks such as phishing, brute-force, and credential stuffing. Multi-Pass removes the need for password storage and management, reducing the risk of password leaks and hacks.
Drive Customer Loyalty
Allow your customers to focus on your brand and forget about passwords. Passwordless authentication can save users time and effort by eliminating multi-step logins, account blocks, or password reset requests.
Increase Brand Recognition
Put Multi-Pass in the hands of your customers and white-label the card and login experience.
Ensure privacy
Ensure customer biometrics and identity are kept secure and private through every authentication.

Benefits of Multi-Pass for customers.


Enable global authentication for
your customers

Ensure privacy and secure authentication across all your systems and partner services with one card.

Single Sign-On

Deploy multi-service logins throughout your business with a secure global pass.

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Empower your customers to manage their consent and data privacy.

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Kzero Security

Update, recover, and manage
Multi-Pass with our mobile app.

Kzero App


Enable global authentication for your customers​

Ensure privacy and secure authentication across all your systems and partner services with one card.

Easy self-enrolment

Register customers remotely with easy biometric self-registration

Card recovery

Replace lost or stolen cards wherever your customers are with the Multi-Pass mobile app

Manage access & update card software

Remotely update card software and manage access controls in real-time

Enable your remote team with Multi-Pass,
paving the way for a zero-trust infrastructure. ​

Embark on your zero-trust security journey.

Go Passwordless

Secure your business and simplify logins with Multi-Pass, the enterprise passwordless solution. Sign up today for a trial for your organization.


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