Champion security and ease of use for your workforce

Bolster security, increase productivity, and streamline employee access with Multi-Pass.

Security and Convenience with Multi-Pass

Eliminate passwords, reduce your attack surface, and provide employees with a seamless authentication experience.

Multi-Pass Pro

Multi-Pass Digital

Protect and Delight Your Users

Provide your employees with a frictionless experience while eliminating credential-based attacks.

Better Security
Reduce your attack surface by up to 80%.
Improve UX and Productivity
No more MFA frustration and password fatigue.
Meet Regulatory Requirements
Ensuring compliance without the complexity.
Reduce Costs
Increase productivity and free up IT resources.

Multi-Pass Digital

Leverage mobile device biometrics for easy user validation.
Smart Authentication
Turn user mobile devices into secure roaming authenticators.
Secure Cryptography
Deploy single-device passkeys directly on mobile device TPMs.

Multi-Pass Pro

NFC Technology
Provide a frictionless login experience with contactless NFC technology.
Privacy-focused biometric technology.
Offline Keys
Generate and store cryptographic keys on an offline, tamper-proof secure element.

Enable secure workforce use cases

Passwordless MFA
Passwordless SSO
Passwordless Remote Security
Help Desk Identification
Step-up Authentication

How Multi-Pass Works

Integrate with your existing IdP and enable easy access to all your company resources


Web Services
& Apps

Remote Work


Custom &

Authenticate your workforce anywhere through seamless integration with thousands of systems and applications

MPAS supports all major SSOs and open standards for rapid deployment

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