Remote Authentication

Empower Your Team with Secure, Effortless Access Everywhere

Get rid of VPN tokens, increase security, and enable easy remote logins for your workforce.

Secure all of your customers with a complete authentication solution

Cover all of your customer needs with Multi-Pass Digital and Multi-Pass Pro.

Multi-Pass Digital

Streamline your workforce access with secure, mobile biometric authentication.

Multi-Pass Pro

Elevate your security with offline biometrics, private keys and one-tap NFC validation.

Say goodbye to complicated, multi-step remote logins and say hello to secure and easy passwordless logins for your remote workforce.

Replace VPN tokens
Utilize Multi-Pass as a biometric-based authenticator and replace USB VPN tokens with a universal authentication factor.
Go Passwordless
Get rid of passwords and complex VPN logins with one-step passwordless authentication.

Discover the Benefits of Multi-Pass for your Remote Workforce

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Seamless & Secure

Upgrade from credential-based VPN authentication to secure biometric-enabled logins.

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Password Freedom

Deliver robust password-free access to reduce phishing risks and simplify employee logins.

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Rapid Deployment

Transition to secure passwordless MFA with easy remote user enrollment and integration.


Elite Security Meets Simplicity

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Privacy-First Biometrics

Securely verify employees with encrypted biometrics on a tamper-proof in-card module.

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Robust Security

Mitigate against connected device threats with offline keys and biometrics.

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One-Tap Access

Authenticate users in seconds with one-tap NFC validation.

Protect your workforce with a smart biometric security key to access all of your enterprise resources.


Agile Authentication for the Modern Workforce

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Instant Access Anywhere

Secure entry with just a fingerprint or facial recognition on any mobile device.

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Hassle-Free Setup

Easily enroll employees, wherever they are, in minutes with the Multi-Pass mobile App.

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Trusted Mobile Security

Leverage a secure, tamper-resistant chip for storing private keys and performing cryptographic operations.

Protect your workforce with a smart biometric security key to access all of your enterprise resources.

Ready to Transform your Authentication Experience?

Put Multi-Pass in the hands of your workforce and take the first steps towards building your zero trust architecture. Embrace the future of authentication now.

Ready to go Passwordless?

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