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Frequently Asked Questions

What is passwordless authentication?

Passwords come with inherent vulnerabilities due to the prevalence of weak passwords, password reuse, and social engineering attacks. But by using other systems such as biometrics or hardware signing devices, passwordless authentication provides a more secure and convenient way for users to authenticate themselves. This method eliminates the need for passwords and the associated risks, making it a popular choice for organizations looking to improve security, productivity, and user experience for their consumers and workforce.

What is Multi-Pass?

Multi-Pass is a global access card and software solution that provides secure and convenient biometric authentication for users. It eliminates the need for passwords and time-consuming multi-step login experiences. Multi-Pass uses biometric technology to authenticate users: the smart card includes a fingerprint sensor and contactless technology to prove proximity and enable users to easily authenticate themselves with a single tap.

How does Multi-Pass improve security?

Multi-Pass improves security by eliminating the need for passwords, which can be easily guessed, stolen, or compromised. With biometric authentication built into each card, Multi-Pass ensures only authorized users can access sensitive information or systems. Multi-Pass provides a seamless method of authentication that is difficult to replicate or forge. This results in a more secure and convenient way for employees and customers to authenticate, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

How do I integrate Multi-Pass with an existing system?

Multi-Pass can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and workflows using the FIDO standard. If required, our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and ensure a smooth integration process. Multi-Pass can be customized to meet those unique needs, providing a flexible and adaptable authentication solution.