Spyeye Definition

Howard Poston
Oct 19, 2023

A spyeye is defined as a type of program that is designed to steal information from the device or the network of the victim. This information could include credit card numbers, social security information, bank account data, private credentials, and passwords. Spyeye is generally considered as a form of malware, specifically a Trojan horse, which means that the victim usually does not know that there is a malware in their device.

A spyeye allows the attackers to take full control of the victim’s computer by acquiring data, images, and any audio that is captured via the microphone and webcam—sending everything to remote servers and usually allowing hackers to impersonate bank employees with their victims.

SpyEye can be found in emails, websites, and in USB flash drives. Once installed, it can:

  • Record the keystrokes of the victim
  • Take screenshots at any moment
  • Access browsing data such as cookies and passwords
  • Log which websites are being visited by the victim
  • Install additional malware
  • Remotely control the computer
Howard Poston

Howard Poston is a copywriter, author, and course developer with experience in cybersecurity and blockchain security, cryptography, and malware analysis. He has an MS in Cyber Operations, a decade of experience in cybersecurity, and over five years of experience as a freelance consultant.

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