VPN Routers

KZero Staff
Oct 19, 2023

A VPN or virtual private network router is like a standard router but with a built-in VPN. With a VPN router, any device connected to it will automatically connect to the VPN. In contrast, regular routers require individual devices to be configured to connect separately to the VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is an extensible authentication protocol that encrypts a user’s IP address to protect their data, such as browsing information and location. Plenty of VPN services are available for users, but ultimately, VPNs will create a protected channel for users to browse the internet, which is secure against external attacks. VPN services may be offered at no cost but lack features, such as limited IP address locations. However, this lack of features will not impact the effectiveness of securing the users’ data.

Examples of VPN Router Usage

VPN usage varies by individuals and companies. Whether privacy is your number one concern or accessing information without geographic restrictions, VPNs have many use cases.

Privacy Protections

VPNs help secure our web traffic by encrypting it, a significant concern when using public Wi-Fi connections.

Geographic Restrictions

VPNs help users bypass geographic restrictions that certain service providers sometimes place. Bypassing geographic restrictions allows users to access content that may be unavailable due to censorship.

Secure Against Cyberattacks for Remote Employees

Using a VPN router can help protect networks against cyberattacks, such as malware. Securing against cyberattacks is even more critical with increased remote work since a VPN router can provide encrypted traffic.

Advantages of Using a VPN Router

We have outlined some use cases for a VPN router, and now we will list some of the advantages of using one:

  • It improves network security.
  • It is convenient because not every individual device connected to it needs configuration.
  • In the long term, it can be cost-effective because it eliminates the need for individual VPN subscriptions.
KZero Staff

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