KZero Staff
Jul 27, 2023

Not to be confused with zero trust, “trustless” refers to a system or protocol that functions without the need for participants to trust each other. For example, in a trustless environment, you can conduct a transaction with someone you don’t know, but you can still trust the process because it’s based on algorithms and verifiable data. The emphasis is on the security and integrity of the system instead of a reliance on trust between individuals or entities.

There are many ways to harness the power of a trustless network – namely, utilizing cryptography, distributed ledger technology, or zero-knowledge proofs. Instead of relying on a central authority, a trustless system ensures that the movement of data, access permissions, or transactions are validated and verified by a network of participants. This provides transparency, immutability, and security, as the system’s design ensures that no single participant can manipulate or tamper with the data, making it completely resistant to fraud or malicious activity.

KZero Staff

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